Monday, February 14, 2011

What frens are meant to be??

. . just ignore my broken english . .

Sometimes i feel frens are like weather
Some are good and some are cruel

I feel like crying
Dont know why
Just cant hold it anymore
I just dont feel i have a single fren right now
When it happened to be like this
I just feel like some kind of stupid person
that would cheer or protect my frens just to
make them smile..but they?
Then when i think about it back
isn't it frens are meant to be.


s.a.r.a.h. :p said...

tya syg knape nie?
xmo sedey2 taw

MR.ROMEO said...

awat emo ni beb?

jrg ko cm ni.. sape yg brani buli ko weh? ko ckp kt ak, ak serang die..

~tYa~ said...

mai : i miss u

romeo : dont know..tension maybe..feel a little bit lonely..